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Herholdt Biokinetics has a special interest in the following areas of rehabilitation
Orthopaedic Rehab

Shoulder pain, back pain,post operative and pre operative strenthening


Weight loss, general conditioning, training with a chronic condition like Diabetes.

Pregnancy Excercise

Pre and post natal exercise, pilates and aqua

Aqua Therapy

Hydrotherapy, watsu, feldenkrais. Stroke recovery

Those who don't make time for exercise may soon have to make time for being ill...


Interestiing information about Tanya Herholdt Badenhorst
If you love people and you love helping people being a Biokineticist is the most rewarding job.

Although the practise focus was on sport conditioning (including experience in field testing and conditioning of World Champ Kickboxer, Nation League winner SWD Netball and more) the focus has shifted towards pregnancy training, ortopeadic rehabilitation (knee pain and back pain with a special interest in shoulder rehabilitation). Herhold Biokinetics now does about 10 % Sport conditioning. 10% Sport rehab. Office ergonomics and activities of daily living has taken the front seat.

  • #1 Pregnancy and exercise

    Pre and post natal exercise

  • #2 Orthopedic Rehabilitation

    Pre and post operative/ Pain controll

  • #3 Sport Conditioning

    Explosive power, injury prevention

  • #4 AODL

    Activities of daily living

The Multidisciplinary Team

Tanya Herholdt makes use of colleugal referrals
Physio Therapist
Physiotherapy is concerned with: Assessing, treating and preventing human movement disorders, restoring normal function or minimising dysfunction and pain in adults and children with physical impairment, to enable them to achieve the highest possible level of independence in their lives; preventing recurring injuries and disability in the workplace, at home, or during recreational activities and promoting community health for all age groups.
Rolfing Practitioner
Rolfing® Structural Integration is the science whereby the body’s soft connective tissue, the fascia, is manipulated through an interactive process of touch, movement and awareness to integrate the whole body in gravity. It brings about more efficient movement and supports greater awareness of embodiment for the client
A Biokineticist improves an individual’s physical status and quality of life through individualised assessment and exercise prescription in the dual context of clinical pathology (acute and chronic) and performance enhancement.
Personal Trainer
A personal trainer is a fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Trainers also measure their client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments.
The Specialist
We work together with GP’s and Specialists in their area of expertise to refer , prehabiliate and rehabiliate


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