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Herholdt Biokinetics Durbanville

Herholdt Biokinetics Durbanville aims to provide you with useful information about our service that will make it easier for you to do business with us. Herholdt Biokinetics’ vision is to educate, inform, rehabilitate and inspire you to a better life!

Herholdt Biokinetics  has been serving the health and wellness community since 2007. Herholdt Biokinetics deals with a number of conditions including orthopaedic injuries, stroke patients, cardiac patients, arthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacements, back problems and many more.

In addition, Herholdt Biokinetics has unique scientifically based water based programmes or hydrotherapy. We also offer Pilates based programmes from beginners to intermediate.

Herholdt Biokinetics Durbanville provides services for Corporate companies, in respect to testing their employees for wellness, to allow them to work more efficiently and decrease sick leave taken and thus to save employers major figures spent in these areas.

About Tanya Herholdt Badenhorst

Tanya Herholdt, now Badenhorst qualified as a Biokineticist in 2005, did her internship in Mossel Bay in 2007 and started practising in 2008 in George. By 2010 she has two private practices with traveling bios to Plettenberg Bay and Mossel bay. She was also appointed by Bankmed as their ABSA regional Biokineticist. In 2012 she moved to Durbanville where she practised together with Nico Uys Biokinetics.

Tanya Did the sport conditioning for the SWD Netball team in George , in that year they also won their league with no injuries. The team coach was Petra. She also did sport conditioning for the local Knysna Netball team, who had seven players in the SWD Squad. Tanya was also involved with conditioning of school swimmers at Wellness World under Sybeth Huges.

In 2012 Tanya founded Corpesteem together with Nico Uys. Corpesteem is a well known Corporate Wellness and Employee Wellness company serving all LSM groups. Duty of motherhood called and in 2015 she resigned from the partnership, slowed down and decided to run a half day practise. She still assists in wellness days during these hours and she is up to date with all the medical schemes wellness training- including Discovery Vitality.

  • Tanya has a special interest in combining manual therapy with exercise therapy. Other than Biokinetics, she is also
  • a qualified Power Yoga instructor,
  • a Pilates instructor,
  • an Aqua Pilates instructor,
  • did Advanced hydrotherapy
  • Muscle activation qualified
  • Limited Myofacial release therapy
  • Lyno therapy
  • Advanced shoulder rehabilitation qualified
  • Lower quarter rehabilitation qualified





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